Zoo Patrol Squad: Run, Monster, Run! Book 2 Just Released!

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Book #2! Just Released February 2021!

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Fun, crisp storytelling and full of energy. My kids and I really enjoyed reading it and liked all the characters. Some of the larger two page spreads were just excellent cartooning. Highly recommended!

Anthony Wheeler

My kids love this book! There is sooo much to look at! My oldest reads it to his little brothers and they love looking at all of the pictures. It's great because it's comic book style, so the story moves fast and keeps their attention.

Billy Montoya

We received this book as a gift, and all 3 of my children (ages 8, 11 and 13) loved it! My oldest son sat and read it to my 3 year old nephew, and the book kept him so engaged with its vibrant illustrations! We would highly recommend this book, and we can’t wait for the next story!

Amazon Customer

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