Zoo Patrol Squad: Run, Monster, Run! Book 2 Just Released!

Character Pages for Penny, Fennlock, and Morry!

Here's a little behind the scenes look at what Penny, Fennlock, and Morry all started out looking like. Brett spent weeks (months is probably more accurate) working on what the main characters in Zoo Patrol Squad would look like. This is something he did before he started to pencil sketch out the pages of the graphic novel. Once he was pretty happy with the designs, he created a character design sheet for each of them so that he could reference their designs when illustrating the graphic novel. These sheets were then printed out and hung near his drawing desk to reference while he worked. 

You will probably notice that some of the aspects of characters have changed even since these sheets were made. Drawing and creating is a fluid process and one change or tweak might lead to another (or 5...). If you are an artist, you probably have experienced this as well. We hope you have enjoyed this little behind the scenes peek into the process!