Zoo Patrol Squad: Run, Monster, Run! Book 2 Just Released!

Meet Brett Bean: Part 1 - Author and Artist of Zoo Patrol Squad!

You have done a lot of different things in your career - comic book artist, character designer, book illustrator, inker, colorist, puppet designer, writer, etc. Besides Zoo Patrol Squad, what are two or three of your favorite projects? 

Working with Jim Henson’s team on puppets is a dream come true.  That’s been great to see them create and then bring them to life through acting.  I really enjoyed working on Rocket and Groot for an issue of the comic and I’d say the Crash Bandicoot game that just released.  I’ve never seen a game that looks exactly like the artwork I made come to life.  A thrill to see.

Can you briefly explain the process of making a graphic novel? Where do you start? 

It starts with my sketchbook and some ideas I jot down.  It’s how I plot the story.  I then transfer those ideas onto post it notes and arrange them on my wall to build the story.  Once it’s got all the pieces, I write the script and connect the pieces. Once the story is finished, I do thumbnail layouts for how the story will be shown visually.  Then inks, and finally colors.

What is your favorite part (so far) of making Zoo Patrol Squad? 

Having a complete book in my hands.  I still read comics and graphic novels and to see my own creation a a finished book is a trip for sure.

Any tips to share with kids and adults who want to make their own stories? 

Dream big.  Comics and books are the best and easiest way to share your ideas and stories with the world.  If you can think it, you can write and draw it.  Don’t be afraid to jump in and go for it.