Zoo Patrol Squad: Run, Monster, Run! Book 2 Just Released!

Meet Brett Bean!


My name is Brett Bean and I write and illustrate the Zoo Patrol Squad book series! I get to make stuff up for a living as an artist and author! Which is totally cool! 

My art has been featured across films, TV, video games, comic books, card games, and children's books with companies like Disney, Dreamworks, Riot Games, Activision/ Blizzard, Henson's Creature shop, Marvel, Penguin Books, and Scholastic.

I am happily married to a redhead and we have two redheaded boys in sunny Los Angeles, California.  

One of my favorite words is Chortle.

I adore travelling and meeting new people and experiences..

I once ate a Mopane worm in Africa.....and it was really gross.

10 year old me!