Zoo Patrol Squad: Run, Monster, Run! Book 2 Just Released!

Meet The Zoo Patrol Squad

Welcome to the Wild Zoo Yonder!

Some call it a park. Some might call it a zoo. But if you look close enough, it’s so much more. Wild Zoo Yonder is located just beyond that first hill over there, roughly 500 acres in size.

We are home to many dreamers, believers, and achievers. Wild Zoo Yonder is well known for natural habitats and unique animal encounters, on purpose and some by accident with more than 3,700 rare and endangered animals.  The Zoo is a unique walking experience with every climate known to earth that houses animals in the most natural way possible.  When visiting please keep all valuables and snacks hidden as we have a few cheeky monkeys.

Please make sure to keep your hands to yourself.   These animals have hooves, Horns, claws, Beaks, fins, paws, tails, teeth, spikes, spines, and most definitely quills.

Don't forget to pick up the Badger Bulletin Beat for all the variety shows and animal presentations for additional learning and enjoyment. 

Welcome to our world.


Meet Penny!

Penny is a young pot belly pig who’s come from the petting zoo and tired of all the hands and sticky fingers! 

She is one smart and capable pig and knows more animal facts than you can shake a monkey’s paw at. Although Penny is never quite sure how she fits in, she’s determined to help and find adventure wherever the clues may lead.

Meet Fennlock!

Fennlock has been a timid and scared Fennec fox since the day he was born at Wild Zoo Yonder.

Every night Fennlock watches his favorite TV show starring his favorite hero, “The Mackland Powers Power Hour starring Mackland Powers.” He day dreams of finally leaving his cage, looking for a friend and a life of adventure like his hero. 

Meet Morry!

Morry the Otter is determined to be the center of attention no matter the cost.  With a slick coat and an even slicker personality, Morry can talk his way through any sticky situation.  No one knows where he came from or how he got to the zoo. Rumor has it, he snuck in one day and took over the wading pool and has been a thorn in the zoo's side ever since.  Be careful around this aquatic critter.  If you see him smile, be prepared for another of his HARE-brained scheme.  Smart and capable, he is always HOUNDING the Zoo patrol Squad to try and get his way over at Wild Zoo Yonder. 

His Favorite snack is Nacho Cheese chips and Mountain Dew.

Meet Mayor Big Bear!

Wild Zoo Yonder was a mess before Mayor Big Bear showed up. Now the animals in her care couldn't be happier for having such a  fierce and loyal leader to watch over them.  Mayor B.B. knows how to get tough, when to let other's lead, and who to discipline when it's needed.  To keep the zoo running as smooth as possible she appointed Penny the Pig and Fennlock the Fennec Fox as the first ever Zoo Patrol Squad. 

She love's the color yellow, dipping her broccoli in apple sauce and honey, and has a soft spot for Morry the Otter no matter how much trouble he causes her.