Zoo Patrol Squad: Run, Monster, Run! Book 2 Just Released!

Rave Reviews for Zoo Patrol Squad!


"Best caper since the Muppets. A new favorite at our house by our whole family! A fun mix of sleuths and fairy tale story on a back drop of fantastic imagery!"  - Melloves2read (5 STAR Amazon review of Kingdom Caper)

"Awesome Illustrations. My kids love this book! There is sooo much to look at! My oldest reads it to his little brothers and they love looking at all of the pictures. It's great because it's comic book style, so the story moves fast and keeps their attention." - Billy Montoya (5 STAR Amazon review of Kingdom Caper)

"Such a fun & expressive story! Really loved this kids graphic novel! Brett does an excellent job writing a story and making you excited to read more. Plus his artwork is so expressive and the characters seem to come alive on every page. I can't wait for the second book to come out!" James K (5 STAR Amazon review fo Kingdom Caper)

"Graphic novel for young fans of animal adventures that reads like a cross between Zootopia and the Penguins of Madagascar. This zoo operates like a big city with a mayor and other jobs. A newly arrived pig seeking adventure sees the heroic poses of a TV watching Fennec fox and decides they will be crimefighting best friends. When kidnappings occur, the fox must come out of his enclosure and help his new friend. Ends with descriptions of the main animals real world features, plus a set-up for more adventures." Sarah Evans (4 STAR Goodreads review)

"Excellent book for all ages! Fun, crisp storytelling and full of energy. My kids and I really enjoyed reading it and liked all the characters. Some of the larger two page spreads were just excellent cartooning. Highly recommended!" - Anthony Wheeler Art (5 Star Amazon review of Kingdom Caper)

"This was a fun little adventure! Nonstop action, some animal facts sprinkled throughout, charming cartoonish illustrations. I love the idea of a team of zoo residents solving crimes. A nice subtle message about getting outside your comfort zone is included too. I'd definitely read more about Fenn and Penny's adventures." - Katie Lawrence (3 STAR Goodreads review of Kingdom Caper)

"Great for all ages. We received this book as a gift, and all 3 of my children (ages 8, 11 and 13) loved it! My oldest son sat and read it to my 3 year old nephew, and the book kept him so engaged with its vibrant illustrations! We would highly recommend this book, and we can’t wait for the next story!" - Amazon Customer (5 STAR Amazon review of Kingdom Caper) 

"Definitely a book for kids who love Zootopia, or Pixar in general. Lots of jokes peppered in. Some may go over younger kids heads (there’s a Rodent of Unusual Size in there), but as kids revisit it odds are they’ll start to understand some of the references. Relatively easy to follow along with, and it includes some cool double-page spreads. Penny and Fennlock certainly make a dynamic duo, and there’s plenty of missions left for them to tackle at Wild Zoo Yonder. Thanks to Penguin Kids for an ARC!" - Laura (4 STAR Goodreads review of Kingdom Caper)

"Great art, great story, really great for kids. I got this book for my nephew (and niece -- who will absolutely love it). Been watching this artist for a while, and was drawn to the book because of his art. The whole story is cute, the characters are funny (really good for kids), and the production of the book is really amazing. I know they'll be able to toss it around (that's what happens to books -- along with the legos and everything else!), and it will stay in great shape and not rip apart. Solid book, engaging story, great art -- glad I got it!" - Just Me, Thank You (5 STAR Amazon review of Kingdom Caper)

"Great story, amazing art. A really fun read. Every panel is full of meticulous detail and fun surprises. My SO and I laid together and read this in the park and had a lot of fun just pointing out all the extra details we noticed. The story itself is amazingly sweet and fun with a great message behind it." - Calin Matney (5 STAR Amazon review of Kingdom Caper)